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October 12, 2021 2022-11-11 18:31
Fintranet Features

The Tools your Money Service Business needed

Here is the list of main features


Compliance used to be Complicated before Fintranet

Money Service Businesses need to comply with many regulatory requirements. Fintranet has been developed to make compliance simple and accurate


Capture, store and validate KYC documents


Search your client against all watchlist record.

Suspicious Activity Report

Manage Suspicious Activity Reports submitted internally


Record and manage client complaints and your resolutions

Client Due Diligence

Conduct and record client due diligence

Transnational Due Diligence

Manage Ultimate Beneficial owners, source of funds and reason for the payments

Client Onboarding

Mage sure you have gathered all the necessary documentation before initiating business with your client

AML Risk Assessment Calculator

The calculator assigns weight to different risks of money laundering and analyse these risks on your clients and transactions

Subject Access Request

To Comply with GDPR regulation Fintranet allows you to record and manage the subject access requests

Contact Relationship Managment System

Money Service Businesses need to manage different types of relationships for different purposes 

Personal and Business Contact managment

Create personal and business contacts that you can assign different relationships

Client Management

Onboard new clients and manage all thier info in one panel


manage wholesalers that provide you with high volume exchange and remittance service


Manage agents who trade on your behalf

Payment Partners

Manage all the payment partners who pay and collect on your behalf all around the world

Remittance Parties

Manage contacts who are sending money to or receive money from your clients

Specialised Multi-Currency Accounting System

Money Service Businesses need to manage different types of relationships for different purposes 

Exchange and Remittance accounting

accuratly manage your exchange and remittance orders accounting


Manage your foreign currency accountings accuratly


Generate reports such as P&L, balance sheet, chart of accounts, etc

Wallet Management

Create a wallet for your clients, agents, payment partners and wholesalers.

Payment orders

Create and manage orders for collection and payouts from wallets

Netting Payments

Manage peer to peer payments using the netting payments feature


Easily reconciliate your accounts with external statment of account

Expense Managment

Log your expenses and overheads


Generate invoices to charge your clients

Manage your exchange and remittance orders

Manage the order flow and the payment rails in one package 


Generate quotes for your exchange and remittance services. Follow up on client quotes

FX Orders

Create FX orders for your exchange and remittance orders from clients. Manage order status and compliance

FX Purchase order

Manage FX orders you place through your wholesalers

Order State Machine

Automatically manage the order flow based on compliance changes and requirements

Service Management

Define your services and thier pricing strategy for automatic quotation

Rate Board

Publish your services for your advertising screens

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